NBA star na si Towns, positibo sa COVID-19

ni Ronalyn Seminiano Reonico | January 16, 2021

Nagpositibo sa COVID-19 ang Minnesota Timberwolves star na si Karl-Anthony Towns.

Ilang oras matapos ianunsiyo ng NBA na postponed ang laban ng Minnesota at Memphis, nag-post si Towns sa kanyang Twitter account kung saan kinumpirma niyang nagpositibo siya sa COVID-19.

Aniya, "Prior to tonight's game, I received yet another awful call that I tested positive for COVID.

“I will immediately isolate and follow every protocol.”

Panawagan din ni Towns, "I pray every day that this nightmare of a virus will subside and I beg everyone to continue to take it seriously by taking all of the necessary precautions.

"We cannot stop the spread of this virus alone, it must be a group effort by all of us."

Noong Abril, matatandaang nagkasakit din ng COVID-19 ang ina ni Towns na si Jacqueline Cruz-Towns na ikinamatay nito sa edad na 58. Dinapuan din ng naturang sakit ang kanyang ama pero naka-recover ito.

Saad pa ni Towns, "It breaks my heart that my family, particularly my father and sister, continue to suffer from the anxiety that comes along with this diagnosis as we know all too well what the end result could be.

"To my niece and nephew... I promise you I will not end up in a box next to grandma and I will beat this."

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