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BULGAR is undoubtedly the top-ranking printed newspaper in the country with the widest reach and highest readership percentage based on the latest  Nielsen Philippines 2017 report findings.

Aside from being the most credible source of top stories and entertainment news, BULGAR also holds the distinction of being the most favorite newspaper of the Filipino family.

BULGAR was first published on December, 1990 by the Sison's Publishing House, Inc.. Alongside BULGAR, the company also published another title, Chism. Both were weekly editions which focused mainly on entertainment and local showbusiness.

On December 2, 1991, the company decided to make BULGAR a more serious daily newspaper. It stopped the publication of Chism and concentrated on the circulation and marketing of BULGAR.

It was in 1996 when BULGAR gained unprecedented popularity in the market nationwide. With hard work, sacrifice, continuous innovation and support from its loyal readers, BULGAR was able to find its way into the heart of the Filipinos and managed to stay strong amidst fierce market competition.

There’s no stopping BULGARin making its presence felt all over the country. It continues to dominate the market because of its superb quality and credibility. The Filipino readers appreciated and loved the newspaper that soon it was deemed as “Boses ng Pinoy, Mata ng Bayan”.

At present, BULGAR is relentless in its thrust of delivering the most balanced, reliable and unbiased news, current events, opinions, the latest in entertainment, sports articles and serious editorial columns. It maintains a roster of reputable, competent and well-known columnists and correspondents and holds the

title of “highest circulated newspaper with over 600,000 copies daily nationwide”. BULGAR is the undisputed leader, as it is the No. 1 newspaper among all broadsheets and tabloids combined, as certified by Nielsen Philippines.

BULGAR is determined to maintain its leadership in the market and its direction is towards widening its reach by adapting the digital platform. The Bulgar online website will level-up the newspaper’s social media interaction with loyal readers and followers while it serves as a new platform for advertising and media buyers. 

The principal corporate objective of Sison’s Publishing House, Inc. is to be the lead company in the tabloid business by having the widest circulation, by:

  1. Delivering current news and entertainment to the public through affordable print medium

  2. Being the “Voice of the Filipino  and Eyes of the Nation” (Bulgar carries the tagline “Boses ng Pinoy, Mata ng Bayan’)

  3. Exposing or revealing (“Bulgar” means in English to reveal or disclose) any malpractice or corruption that is happening in the country.

The vision of Sison’s Publishing House, Inc. is to assist in the education of the Filipino public through news, entertainment, sports and features at affordable prices and to give them an opportunity to give opinions/ features through the following missions:

  1. To report news and current events as promptly and accurately as possible.

  2. To provide feature articles, editorials and columns written by qualified and respected personages

  3. To entertain the public through articles and pictures of movie stars, local and foreign, and of sports events

  4. To furnish the public with information like: lotto results, fortune horoscopes, and even foreign exchange rates



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