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Mukhang kailangang bayaran ni Jomari Yllana, konsehal ng Unang Distrito ng Parañaque City, ang lumobong Meralco bill ng bahay kung saan nakatira ang dalawang anak niya kasama ang nanay nilang si Joy Reyes na dating karelasyon ng dating aktor.

Ipinost ni Joy ang bill ng Meralco na umabot sa P100,238.38 na ang due date ay noong Disyembre 9, 2020 kaya sila naputulan ng kuryente nitong Biyernes, Enero 15.

Base sa pagkakaalam namin ay hindi nagpuputol ang Meralco hanggang Enero 30 base sa Bayanihan Act 2 na nagsimula noong Disyembre 19 dahil sa COVID19 pandemic. Pero dahil siguro sa malaki na ang bill kaya may option na magputol sila.

Bukod sa Meralco bill ay ipinost din ni Joy na natutulog ang dalawang anak na pareho pang dumedede na magkatalikuran.

Ang caption ay, “Our electric service from Meralco is DISCONNECTED TODAY! Obviously, our bill has been neglected for several months almost a year for it to reach this massive amount.

“Politicians, of all people, being public servants, should not be taking advantage of the leniency of the no-disconnection policy during the previous months because that was intended to help those gravely afflicted by the pandemic, those whose worse worry was how to manage to feed their families not for the politicians whose affluence is boastfully exhibited, whose life is one of spectacular opulence!

“But the terrible part of this gross, gross negligence is a father's lack of apathy towards his own children. That is totally sickening!

“Since he blocked all means of communication, to those who know this guy, kindly inform this "Honorable" COUNCILOR of District 1 PARAÑAQUE JOMARI YLLANA that his children are sweating in the dark & this is making it worse for Fangio (isa sa mga anak) who's been having fever for a few days now. So many other issues of abuse that I'm trying so hard not to mind for the time being but directly harming the babies this way can't be tolerated.

“No matter what you do, because of your selfish choices in life, you will never be the one who will be by their side every single minute of every single day to come to their aid when they need it. So the least you can do is to STOP causing further trouble to the only parent doing it all!”

Ang dami naming nabasang hindi magandang komento at may concerned netizen na nag-message kay Jomari para ipaalam na naputulan ng kuryente ang bahay ng mga anak.

Ang mensahe ng netizen, “Naputulan po ng kuryente ex with your 2 babies 100k utang sa Meralco sana byaran mo kawawa anak mo init init.”

Sumagot naman si Jomari, “Sana, ginagamit din ang isip paminsan-minsan. Nakapag-post sa FB, nakapag-picture sa cellphone. May charge ang cellphone at may internet. Oh, 'di ba, naputulan ng kuryente pero nakakapag-post at merong internet. Sana ol (emoji laughing)."

Ipinost ni Joy ang usapan ng netizen at ni Jomari na ang caption, “Concerned citizen sent me this and I'm absolutely lost for words. I don't wanna say I'm stupefied for the stupidity but I really can't think of subtle words to appropriately describe it.

“Okay, lemme get this straight. Does he really mean since namatay ang kuryente sa bahay, automatic dapat patay din ang celfon ko???

“Here I'm not really in the position to educate the uneducated so somebody kindly just explain to this person how mobile phones and mobile data work how these gadgets have a battery life independent of the electric supply in your house.

“The pathetic attempt to again discredit the truth really has its boomerang effect. And it's best to stop trying to make these people (who are just genuinely concerned about the babies) feel stupid by telling them to think when obviously it's apparent who's actually looking like a complete moron here. Oh, boy! For your own sake, just stfu and focus on solving the problem you created in the first place.”

Sana malinaw kaagad ito ni Jomari para malinis din ang pangalan niya sa publiko bilang konsehal siya ng Parañaque City.

Bukas ang BULGAR para kay Jomari.


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