10 sugatan, 15 nawawala sa landslide

ni Ronalyn Seminiano Reonico | December 31, 2020

Sugatan ang 10 katao kung saan isa ang kritikal at 15 naman ang nawawala dahil sa landslide sa southern Norway noong Miyerkules.

Naganap ang landslide sa isang residential area sa Gjerdrum kung saan tinatayang aabot sa 700 katao ang inilikas.

Pahayag ni Prime Minister Erna Solberg, "It is a catastrophe. "There could be people trapped... but at the same time we can't be sure because it is the New Year's holiday, which means people could be elsewhere.

"The situation is still so unstable that it is impossible to do any (rescue) effort other than from helicopters." Samantala, tuloy pa rin ngayong araw ang pagsasagawa ng rescue operations sa naturang lugar.


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