Catriona, umalma sa pag-aresto sa mga raliyista

ni Ronalyn Seminiano Reonico | June 26, 2020

Nag-trending ngayong araw, Biyernes, ang video kung saan hinuli ng mga pulis ang mga nag-rally sa Mendiola.

Isa si Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray sa mga nagpahayag ng saloobin hinggil sa naganap na insidente.

Aniya sa Twitter post, “Is this the new normal? Earlier today a peaceful #PRIDE rally held in Manila where mask wearing participants practicing social distancing were met by police in riot gear and arrested.

“When questioned by the witnesses and media about the reason or violations for arrest, the police gave no response.

“If proper health guidelines were being followed, (social distancing, mask wearing) why the use of force? Why the withholding of rights (witnesses said they were not read their miranda rights before arrest nor given reason of arrest)? Videos circulating online confirm this.

“We have the right to raise our voice. Pride, since the beginning has been a protest. Now is the time to speak up. #FREEPRIDE20 #PRIDE2020.”

As of this writing ay umani ang naturang tweet ni Catriona ng 5.4K Likes at 1.6K Retweets.

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