Miss Philippines Earth candidate, mas piniling magserbisyo sa mga OFWs

ni Ronalyn Seminiano Reonico - @Life & Style | July 4, 2020

Hindi nakalahok sa pre-pageant contest ang kandidata ng Miss Philippines Earth na si Hannah Bithiah Meriño ng Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippine Airlines flight attendant dahil kinailangan niyang lumipad sa Dubai upang i-pick up ang mga stranded na Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). 

Aniya, “Last Wednesday, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate at the Cultural Attire

Competition of Miss Philippines Earth. My costume was actually ready, to be honest.

But, a few days before the 24th, I was asked to fly to Dubai to pick up OFWs and bring them back to the Philippines.

“Our original arrival was supposed to be at 9 AM of June 24, in that case, I would’ve been able to make it to the competition. But come Tuesday, our departure time was adjusted thus adjusting the arrival time as well to 1:30 PM of June 24. Sadly, considering the travel time to the office-apartment-Laguna, I won’t be able to make it to the competition anymore.”

Dagdag pa niya, “It was a bit sad knowing that it was one of the last activities left, but I still feel glad at the same time because considering the situation and all the restrictions, I am still able to participate in the pageant and work at the same time.

“Doing both of my passions during this pandemic. Even if I wasn’t able to wear my cultural costume last Wednesday, I was given the chance to wear a different costume in service to the Filipino people. And I’d like to thank Miss Philippines Earth for allowing me to do so. Mabuhay!”

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