Not once but twice na… KYLA, NAKUNAN NA NAMAN


‘KAKA-SAD naman ang ibinalita ni Kyla sa kanyang Instagram account nu’ng Biyernes na for the second time around, nakunan na naman siya sa bago nilang baby ng PBA player na si Rich Alvarez.

“My heart was breaking as I was being brought to the delivery room. I was not going to have a baby. I was having a miscarriage again. I felt like I was given the most beautiful gift and then taken back from me so fast,” bahagi ng IG post ni Kyla.

Dagdag pa ng isa sa mga hurado sa It’s Showtime, “It’s hard to keep my emotions intact... Grief is not a once and done process. You don’t cry for a week, or a month, or a year, and then move on. It’s hard. You don’t get it out of your system. I will always wonder about the birthdays that we will never get to celebrate. It was supposed to be September and May.”

Don’t be sad, Kyla. Sabi nga, ‘pag may nawala, may bumabalik kaya wait mo lang at for sure, may mas magandang plano para sa ‘yo si Lord.


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