• Nitz Miralles

TV host, todo emote na naman, Mayor Bistek… KRIS: UGALI LUMALABAS ‘PAG HIWALAY NA!

ANG ganda-ganda ng latest post ni Kris Aquino tungkol sa goodbye na sinimu­lan niya sa pagpo-post ng quotation card na “Goodbyes Hurt...It’s A Sad Truth, Character Is most Accurately Measured Once A Relationship Ends.”

Mahaba lang ang post ni Kris, hindi kakasya sa space namin at ang sabi, para sa taong gumawa sa kanya ng kasalanan ang post na sana, mabasa nito para ma-guilty.

May ilang parte ng post ni Kris na puwedeng pang-quotation tulad ng… “If all you’re taking away with you are memories, then consider yourself lucky. The last thing anybody needs is to walk away with blood or mud on their hands.”

“The jilted don’t get a free pass to now be less for once having loved more. Do not chronicle the events that led to the end. Because you will be judges- not for how much you had given, but for how much you had taken.”

At ang favorite naming line ay… “Leave peacefully as you had entered. Because the banging of a door marked exit won’t alter the fact you’re now outside. And if you want other doors to eventually open, don’t persistently knock and make a nuisance of yourself.”


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