@Celebrity Tweets | June 25, 2020

Jose Marie Viceral


Back on tiktok. Chugug!!!

Ken Chan


Chasers!!! Are you excited for our first video? Malapit na malapit na malapit na! hehe

Enchong Dee


erichgg is literally a message away. We collaborated, we got drunk, we caught up, we laughed... thank you for today dai, I enjoyed my whole day with you.

Juan Miguel Severo


Ganito kasi. If people from that community are already trying to tell you you're wrong, it means it's time to just shut up and listen.

Bianca Gonzalez


It's all over my feed. Isang malaking yakap to all our beautiful trans sisters.

Glaiza de Castro


Na hack Instagram account ko. What to dooooooo wahhh

Kim Atienza


Be still and know that I am God.

Kristoffer Martin


Mahirap solo ngayon pag magpaparank up ka sa callofdutymobile. Kailangan talaga squad. Sigawan nga lang kami. Hahahahah! Nice game boiiis! Road to legendary dapat tayo.

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