@Celebrity Tweets | June 24, 2020

Sofia Andres


Masyado perfectionist

Jose Marie Viceral


Tapos na ang mahigit sampung araw ng pagtangis at pagluluksa. Galaw galaw na vekz! Kembot na!!! Pas de bouree then kick to chugug!!!

Richard Yap


A lot of people have been complaining about their @meralco bill. Instead of billing the average of 3months they have been multiplying our bill 3x. How did our bill end up this big when we’ve been paying our monthly bills?

Kakie like jackie


Anyway before i rest i had no idea about that NBI crap and it’s really upsetting me if one vile tweet against me is more important to them than several real cases of sexual assault and rape. i’ll dig deeper in the morning.

to my understanding, everything the DOJ has done thus far has been of their own choosing. basta hindi pa po ako nakafile, at hindi po pwedeng magfile ang iba hanggat binigay ko ang aking pahintulot. pinag-iisipan ko po nang malalim.

i want to set an example and fight for my own justice but never at the expense of others. hope you’re all safe and healthy today.

okay so — there is no NBI case until i file, (no one can file without me) and i haven’t filed yet while i weigh the consequences.

Alessandra de Rossi


Mahirap kung di mo tanggap kung sino ka. Tapos nangangangarap kang tanggapin ka ng iba? Mahirap na magpanggap na maging iba, tapos mahal lang nila yung maskara mo. No. Mahirap.

Gabbi Garcia


Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to reconnect. I swear people should stop saying “bitter” ka lang kaya ayaw mo magreconnect

Claudine Barretto


Watching Crash Landing on you again. What should i watch next my Palanggas???

Rocco Nacino


Humarurut sa basement parking, nilagpasan ako kahit paliko na ako. Sya pa galit, binigyan pa ako ng bad finger. Paglabas, awkward moment dahil parehas kami ng daan. Bumaba nalang ako. "Sir, nakita ko ginawa nyo kanina,kayo pa ata po galit kahit humarurut ka sa basement parking.

Marlo Mortel


Naranasan niyo na ‘to? Yung game ka na magmahal pero PINAASA? Iniwan sa ere? Retweet if nakaka-relate ka

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