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PhilHealth Supports Philippine Cancer Center

by Info @Brand Zone | March 12, 2023

PhilHealth speech

PhilHealth Photo Release 2024-0001 

PhilHealth through the leadership of its President and CEO Emmanuel R. Ledesma Jr.,  expressed support to the establishment of the Philippine Cancer Center, a 20-story building  that will house a comprehensive center for cancer diagnosis, treatment research and patient  support in Quezon City.  

In his speech during the groundbreaking ceremony on March 8, 2024, Ledesma said that “once  the Philippine Cancer Center becomes operational, PhilHealth will immediately work on its  inclusion in the list of contracted partners so Filipinos may avail of our Z Benefit Packages”. 

The Z Benefit Packages are PhilHealth’s comprehensive benefits for catastrophic illnesses  which can be availed of from its contracted providers nationwide. Ledesma highlighted that  PhilHealth provides substantial support to patients with prostate, cervical, colon or rectum  cancer, and acute lymphocytic/ lymphoblastic leukemia through the Z Benefit Packages. 

PhilHealth recently announced the expansion of its breast cancer coverage from P100,000 to  P1.4 million.



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