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FFCCCII at 70: 'Dugong Tsino, Pusong Pinoy' - A Legacy of Commerce, Philanthropy and Progress

by Info @Bulgarific | March 8, 2024

Continuing over 1,000 years Legacy of Entrepreneurship & Charities  

For over 1,000 years, the relationship between the Philippines and ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs has consistently been defined by trade, cultural exchange, social harmony and mutual growth.

In this 21st century, the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) stands as a testament to this enduring legacy, celebrating its 70th anniversary by reaffirming a commitment to furthering economic and social progress in the Philippines through entrepreneurship and charities.

FFCCCII officials are led by philanthropist and industrialist Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro as President. He personally coined the anniversary theme “Dugong Tsino, Pusong Pinoy” which expresses the unique identity of Filipinos of Chinese heritage committed to help Philippine economic and social development.

Trade and Philanthropy – Commerce and Charities

Beyond dynamic commerce, the FFCCCII and its 170 Filipino Chinese chambers nationwide have been at the forefront of philanthropy and diverse charities in accordance to traditional Confucian moral values of 仁 (pronounced “ren” in Mandarin or “jin” in Hokkien) meaning benevolence or humaneness and 义 (pronounced “yi” in Mandarin or “gi” in Hokkien) meaning “righteousness”.

These diverse charities contribute to the well-being of Filipino communities in all regions of the Philippines for generations. FFCCCII's dedication to sustaining this harmonious blend of doing business and contributing to charities highlights its deep understanding of the essential interconnectedness of economic success and social welfare.

Nurturing a Globally-Competitive Economy & promoting Economic Diplomacy

In its seven decades of existence, FFCCCII has consistently championed efforts to elevate the Philippines into a globally-competitive economy. Through strategic partnerships, innovative business approaches, promoting high productivity and a commitment to excellence, the federation hopes to help uplift the Filipino nation on the international economic stage.

As part of its efforts to promote economic diplomacy with all countries like Asean neighbors, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, US, EU, etc., during its 70th anniversary celebration, FFCCCII has invited many foreign business delegations from different continents to visit the Philippines. 

A Catalyst for Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Growth

Embracing the principles of sustainability, FFCCCII has always actively promoted inclusive economic growth. By fostering initiatives that benefit a wide spectrum of society, the federation underscores the belief that true economic progress is achieved when no one is left behind in sharing the benefits of Philippine economic growth.

This isn’t just motivated by Confucian altruism, but also a belief based on the logic that the country needs to uplift the income of majority of the people in order to expand the market for goods and services, also in order to ensure long-term social stability.

Advocacy Beyond Business - Socio-Civic & Philanthropy

FFCCCII's initiatives extends far beyond boardrooms, reaching into the heart of socio-civic and philanthropic causes. Through various initiatives, the organization has demonstrated a commitment to addressing societal needs of the whole Philippines, embodying the spirit of its 70th Anniversary theme: "Dugong Tsino, Pusong Pinoy" --- Chinese blood, Filipino heart. They are majority full-pledged Filipino citizens with Chinese heritage, with all members contributing to social development of the Philippines.

FFCCCII Operation Barrio Schools: Donating 6,200 Public Schoolbuildings


One of the diverse civic projects of the FFCCCII is the Operation Barrio Schools” started in the 1960s, which has encouraged Filipino Chinese entrepreneurs to donate public schoolbuildings in economically-disadvantaged and mostly far-flung rural areas throughout the Philippines.

The country’s biggest philanthropic project of its kind, through its Operation Barrio Schools, the federation's remarkable contribution of 6,200 public school buildings stands as a tangible testament to its dedication to providing good quality public education for all the Filipino youth.

Volunteerism in Action - Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigades

In times of crisis through past decades, FFCCCII has proven that volunteerism knows no bounds. By supporting Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigades nationwide, the federation has demonstrated a commitment to community safety and resilience in the face of adversity.

The Filipino Chinese community’s unique volunteer fire brigades assist all victims of fires and other calamities in the Philippines regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds.

Calamity Relief Efforts - A Helping Hand in Troubled Times

FFCCCII's philanthropic spirit shines brightly in times of calamity. Through generous donations and strategic relief efforts, the organization galvanizes Filipino Chinese community donations and stands shoulder to shoulder with all Filipinos during their challenging moments like typhoons, floods or other disasters, pro-actively providing a helping hand when it is needed most.

Advocating Socio-Economic Reforms

FFCCCII recognizes that true progress of the Philippines involves continuously advocating for meaningful socio-economic reforms. Through collaborative efforts government and with various sectors, the federation works towards creating a conducive environment for sustainable development, ensuring lasting benefits for all sectors of the Filipino nation.

Recently at the annual Prospects Forum of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP), FFCCCII President Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro was the only private sector business leader speaker and he articulated 12 socio-economic reforms needed for sustainable and inclusive Philippine economic growth. The ideas for these reforms were from Dr. Pedro and also from feedback he has received from Filipino Chinese entrepreneurs

In its auspicious 70th anniversary, the FFCCCII upholds its theme of "Dugong Tsino, Pusong Pinoy" or Filipinos of Chinese heritage who are unwavering in commitment to economic prosperity, social welfare, and the betterment of the Philippines.


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