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Singer, 'di nakatiis, nagsalita na rin… Pang-aabuso ni Jang Moon Bok, ibinulgar sa socmed ng ex-GF

February 15, 2020

Lee Vin Nia / K-Buzz



Nasa hot water ngayon ang singer na si Jang Moon Bok dahil sa rebelasyon ng kanyang ex-girlfriend tungkol sa hindi naging magandang relasyon nila.


Sa isang online community, nag-post ang girl na may titulong I Am Jang Moon Bok’s Ex-Girlfriend last Feb. 11 at dito ay idinetalye niya ang mga nangyari sa kanila ng singer.


Ikinuwento niya na nagkakilala sila ni Jang Moon Bok through mutual friends. Nang umalis daw sandali ang kanyang mga kaibigan ay naupo sa kanyang tabi ang singer.


“He noticed my shoelaces were untied and said to me, ‘Should I untie something else, too?’ while reaching for my back. Even when my acquaintances returned, he continued to lean his shoulder against me and wrapped his arm around my waist. I tried to scoot as far away as possible, but I didn’t really put up any resistance. I didn’t ever received an apology from him [for leaning into my space] even when we’d finished drinking,” ang kuwento ng babae.


Nagpalitan daw sila ng contact number at nagkita pang muli. Sa pangatlong pagkikita nila ay nagde-demand na raw ng sexual intercourse si Jang Moon Bok.


“I didn’t want to do that unless we were dating so he said we should date. That’s how we started meeting. He even asked for allowance once, so I sent him money. When I wanted to sleep, he demanded sex,” she wrote.


Patuloy pa niya, “One night, I looked through his unlocked phone. He only got me a cake on my birthday after our mutual friends told him, but he sent mobile gift cards to a bunch of other girls for their birthdays. He told me that he didn’t invite any other girls to his Christmas concert, but I saw a lot of text messages inviting different girls. When I asked him about it, he said he had no hidden intentions and apologized, I told him to get out of my house. He took an album that I gave him and the CD of an artist that I told him I was a fan of and left. I asked him if this meant we were breaking up, and he said, ‘You told me to get out,’ and that was our last contact.”


Bilang pagtatapos, the woman wrote, “I needed a lot of courage to post this as a non-celebrity. I hope that there are no victims like me. I have only written the truth.” 


Kinabukasan ay sumagot ang talent agency ni Jang Moon Bok na ONO Entertainment at inamin namang nagkaroon talaga ng relasyon ang dalawa pero nag-break na raw ang mga ito.


“While it is true that Jang Moon Bok had a relationship (with the woman who wrote the post claiming to be his ex-girlfriend) for about three or four months, they are no longer together.


“Since this involves the artist’s personal life, we will not be releasing an official statement regarding this situation. We ask that fans also not intrude upon the artist’s personal life. We believe that even though we represent the artist as his agency, out of respect for the artist, it is not our place to get involved. Moving forward, we will not be making any further special statements on this matter,” pahayag ng ONO Entertainment.


Nagbigay din ng kanyang pahayag si Jang Moon Bok tungkol dito na in-address niya mismo sa ex-girlfriend sa pamamagitan ng kanyang social media account.


“We fought a lot in such a short time. Your continued doubts and restraints [on me took away] even the good memories.


“The pain will also stay with me for a while.


“You shouldn’t have crossed the line like that, just because you like me. It seems that the relationship between you and I ends here. Even if I liked you, doesn’t mean I’m going to forgive everything [you’ve done]. There’s a lot I want to say, but I won’t say it,” ang mensahe ni Jang Moon Book sa dating GF.


Kani-kanyang opinyon ang mga netizens tungkol dito. May nagsabing napakadesperada ng ex-girlfriend para gawin ito at may nagsabi ring she was at fault dahil bakit siya pumayag na tratuhin siya nang ganu’n sa simula pa lang.


May nagsabi ring parehong at fault ang girl at si Jang Moon Bok. Inabuso raw kasi ng singer ang GF habang napakaestupida nito sa pagpatol sa lalaki.

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