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Photo: facebook @Vivian Velez

Nagpahayag ng pagkainis ang aktres na si Vivian Velez sa kanyang Facebook account tungkol sa sitwasyon ng mga commuters ngayong limitado pa rin ang transportasyon dahil sa pandemic Covid-19.

Aniya sa larawang ipinost niya kung saan makikita ang mga commuters na nag-aabang ng masasakyan, "This is what we get when we only provide 50% seating capacity per vehicle without even considering the amount of people who are going back to work just to keep their jobs and survive. They line up without social distancing. What's the point?

"Nakakainis isipin na meron tayong 3 months to strategize and plan for this day, and this is the best that we can do for our kababayan!?" June 23 ay nakapagtala ang DOH ng karagdagang 1,150 kaso ng Covid-19 sa ating bansa at umabot na sa 31,825 ang total number of cases.

Komento naman ng mga netizens: "Kawawa naman po 'yung mga kababayan natin, pagod na sa trabaho, pagod pa sa biyahe, pipila pa ng napakahaba.

Kawawa naman sila…" "ECQ kasi dapat until we have the vaccine." "This was expected wasn’t it? Firstly, Metro Manila is overpopulated. Then we are 3rd world meaning the government is limited in every aspect.

And then there is the culture of the Filipino who does not know how to obey rules (well at least in their own country) and lastly, the need to work. No work, no pay. People are desperate. So there goes all the rules... down the drain.

It is indeed very, very sad for all of us that the majority of us Filipinos will need to sacrifice our health for work.. for food on the table. Perhaps it is truly very difficult to impose strict rules when there is a lack of political will and discipline amongst ourselves. Sad. Very very very sad.

We have always had to settle for less than what is expected of human dignity and decency because of our status. This scene is like that of those movies wherein the underprivileged are left to fend for themselves."

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