SALN filing, in-extend ng CSC

ni Ronalyn Seminiano Reonico | June 25, 2020

In-extend ng Civil Service Commission (CSC) ng 60 days o hanggang Agosto 31 ang deadline ng filing ng Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALNs) dahil sa Covid-19.

Ayon sa Memorandum Circular 13 ng CSC, anila, “All public officials and employees are given additional period of 60 days from June 30, 2020, the last day of filing of the SALN, or until Aug. 31, 2020, to file their SALNs with their respective departments, offices or agencies, unless the circumstances require otherwise.”

Samantala, hanggang October 31 naman maaaring mag-transmit ng files SALNs ang mga opisyales at empleyado ng government offices sa mga ahensiyang nakakasakop sa kanila.

Anila, “All heads of department, office or agency shall establish procedures for the review of the SALNs to determine whether said statements have been submitted on time, are complete and are in proper form. It shall also include the constitution of the review and compliance procedure.

“The last day of submission of the SALN forms by all departments, agencies and offices to the

appropriate repository agencies is extended from Aug. 31, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2020.”

Pinayagan na rin ng CSC ang pagpa-file ng SALNs online gayundin ang oath-taking.

Anila, “The online filing or transmission of a duly executed SALN shall be allowed... The

department, office or agency concerned shall put in place processes and mechanisms to enable or allow online oath-taking of the SALN and the electronic filing of the SALN, and to ensure that the SALN electronically filed are verifiable and authentic.

“The administering officer is required to record and submit a list of online oath-taking he/she

administered together with a certification that the names appearing on the list took their oath before him/her through electronic meeting. The list shall be submitted to the human resource department/office within five days from the last day of filing of SALNs for recording purposes.

“A ‘duly executed SALN’ refers to a SALN that is personally signed under oath before an

administering officer or notary public, or executed through online oath-taking.”

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