Deployment ng mga doktor sa Cebu, kanselado.

ni Twincle Esquierdo - @News | June 30, 2020

Sinuspinde ng DOH ang pag-deploy ng 40 na doktor sa Cebu City para magresponde sa COVID-19

Sa press conference ay sinabi ni Dr. Marlyn Convocar na ipinatigil umano niya muna ito hanggang sa maresolba ang issue.

Sinabi ni lawyer Jan Reuell ay makikipag-meeting sa Martes ang DOH sa mga doktor upang pagusapan ang "win-win" resulotion

Ngunit ayon kay Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire sa kanyang online press ay "acted within the bounds of its authority" kapag nagbigay na ito ng order para mai-redeployment ang mga doktor.

Plano ng DOH na ipadala ang mga doktor sa ilalim ng Doctor to the Barrios (DTTB) program, apat na batch simula sa Hunyo 30 hanggang Setyembre 15, 2020

Ang unang batch ay aalis sa Iloilo sa lunes ng umaga ngunit ito ay pinatigil.

Ayon sa DTTB batch 36 at 37 ang medical team na dadalhin sa Cebu City ay tinatawag na "abrupt" at "exploitative" order ng DoH

Ayon sa mga doktor "We, the Doctors to the Barrios Batches 36-Alab and 37-Mandala, strongly condemn this directive because the doctors were not suitably informed in writing, there was no consultation prior to the directive, no detailed guidelines and protocols to protect the doctors and because the move contradicted the very thrust of the DTTB program,”

Dagdag pa nito “The DTTBs and the local chief executives should have been represented in decision-making involving this temporary reassignment. Failing to do so makes such directives exploitative for doctors and inconsiderate for the communities that they serve. There is complete disregard to the concerns of the doctors and the local chief executives.”

Sinabi ni Magdalena Barcelon, president of the Community Medicine Practinioners and Advocates Association (COMPASS) na "If they will be pulled out of their assignments, who will take care of vulnerable communities in far-flung villages, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic? How will the communities protect themselves?”

Dagdag pa nito “Why send the doctors to private hospitals? I’m sure these private hospitals can hire doctors. We have 3,500 new doctors graduating each year. They are in the urban areas where the support are. There has to be doctors in underserved communities,”

Pinunto niya na kailangan pa ring mag-training ng mga doktor dahil magkaiba raw umano ang training kung nasaan man sila ngayon.

She pointed out that community doctors “still have to be trained because it’s totally different from (where) they are now. If you’re familiar with the issues confronted by front-liners—with those masks on their faces, and the PPEs, they had to forgo such basic bodily needs sometimes, such as eating and going to the restroom, because of lack of PPEs.”

Ayon kay Vergeire, “recent spikes of cases in the region has led to a more Cebu-centered response.”

“the primary intent of the Doctors to the Barrios remains. And that is to serve all people in the country" Sinabi ni Compass sa pahayag nito na mayroon silang mga doktor na maaaring mapakilos para sa tugon ng COVID-19.

Compass pointed out in its statement that “we have a pool of doctors that can be mobilized for the COVID-19 response.”

Sinabi pa ng grupo na“We need to ask, whatever happened to the much-touted recruitment of additional health personnel for the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act? Why not deploy these personnel who are specially designated and presumably adequately trained for the COVID-19 response?”

Sinabi rin Dr. Sally Ticao, president of the Iloilo Association of Municipal Health Officers, sa interview na nasasabik na umano silang sa pagbabalik ng mga manggagawang Pilipino sa ibang bansa at sa mga na-stranded. “we are already overwhelmed by returning overseas Filipino workers and stranded persons who require isolation and monitoring.”

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